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Sep 15, 2010 4:00am PDT
ineligible to play because he got improper benefits. >>> some baseball highlights, now, from espn news. >> good morning. i'm steve weissman with your espn news update. we begin with a tight race in the a.l. east. yanks come in a half-game behind tampa bay. they trailed by 6-0, at one point. bottom of the fifth. now down two. willy aybar. sixth jack of the year. rays score seven unanswered. go up 7-6. bottom nine, now tied at 7-7. ben zobrist. a drive to center. but check out curtis granderson. full extension. or the ed yanks. but equally important, the prevention of runs. so, we sta. . top ten, jorge posada. 0 for 10 as a pinch hitter this year. what a time to break out. his 18th home run of the season. yankees love it. they're up 8-7. move to the bottom of the tenth. yanks have lost three of their last four in walkoff fashion. will it happen again? matt joyce, fly ball to right. carl crawford, he's on second. tags. tries to go to third. brett golson, the september callup with the gun. throws him out. yanks win 8-7. regain the lead in the a.l. east. >>> how about the national leag
Sep 24, 2010 4:30am EDT
were not consecutive. >> wow. >>> the other baseball highlights, now, from max bretos, at espn news. >> good morning. this is your espn news update. the hottest race in the majors. the n.l. west. the padres, half-game up on the giants. in l.a. to take on the dodgers. padres trailing 2-1. tony gwynn tracks it down. and denies james loney. matt latos likes the teamwork. ernesto fiere. >>> so, could the giants take advantage? well, thanks to a second inning to remember. in particular, the exploits of juan uribe. to left field. a two-run shot off of ryan dempster. his 23 2 1st home run. still in the second. giants up 6-0. there's juan uribe again for a grand slam. his 22nd of the year. giants win it 13-0. they're the new leaders in the n.l. west. >>> how about the rays and yankees? half a game separates these two. top of the sixth, tied. c.c. sabathia walks sean rodriguez. sabathia would be pulled. 5 1/3. carl crawford, base hit to right. the rays score seven in the frame. they lead it 8-3. david price, the bottom of the sixth, gets mark teixeira to out to b.j. upton. the rays win it, 1
Sep 7, 2010 4:30am EDT
the biggest game from the first week of the college football season. here, now, is espn news. >> i'm paul severino with this espn news update. it sounds like a strong statement to make. but even in the season's first week, it's a must-win for boise state, as number three takes on number ten, virginia tech. first quarter. kellen moore, lobbing, back corner of the end zone. tommy gallarda makes a great catch. they had to review this down on the field. see it again. does, in fact, make the grab. 17-0, boise state. they led 20-14, on the half. ryan williams gets it out to the nearside and in. virginia tech takes a 21-20 lead. later in the third quarter, boise state on their own 29 yard line on third and one. d.j. harper is going to pick up the first down and then some. rumbles 71 yards for the touchdown. boise state's extra point was blocked. so, the broncos hold a 26-21 lead. they continue to go back and fourth. later in the third, roughing the kicker gave v.a. tech new life. tyrod taylor to jarrett boykin, breaks a tackle and takes it in. and it's 27-26, virginia tech on top. 1:14 left
Sep 2, 2010 4:30am EDT
york. we get the latest, now, from espn news. >> good morning. we start your espn news update with a base-brawl between the nats and marlins. nyjer morgan, of course, in the middle of it all. he was already hit by a pitch. then, chris volstad, throwing behind him. nyjer's had enough. he's charging the mound. but look out. but gaby sanchez clothelines him. then, the brouhaha ensues. both benches, of course, would clear. when it all gets settled, morgan, leaving like he's the champ. the managers, jim riggleman and edwin rodriguez, all fired up. take a couple more looks at this. morgan, of course, left catcher brett hayes with a separated shoulder. he was suspended for questionable play on the field. we'll see how many suspensions come after this. marlins go on to win by a final of 16-10. >>> tennis time. u.s. open. that's andy roddick, the nine seed, taking on jarko tipsarevic from serbia. roddick, coming to the net. the stretch volley. he takes the first set, 6-3. in the second, a-rod, serving down 6-5, 0-40. and tipsarevic, the great backhand pass wins the second set, 7-5. to the thi
Sep 30, 2010 4:00am EDT
out in wales. here at home, though, it's all about baseball's stretch run. details now from espn news. >> good morning. i'm don bell with your espn news update. and we start with a wild, wild n.l. west. we go to san francisco. the giants hosting the diamondbacks. that is tim lincecum on the mound. down goes adam laroche. looking. and then, miguel montero, swinging through the freak feeling it early in this game. bottom of the fourth inning, pat burrell. they used to call him pat the bat in philly. 18th home run of the season. and the giants have a 3-1 lead. tim lincecum continues to sizzle. down goes ryan church. lincecum had 11 punchouts. and the giants win it, 3-1. and they remain in first place in the n.l. west. >>> chris young and the padres in action against the cubs. top of the third. cubs down 1-0. aramis ramirez going deep to left center. will venable, track, wall. makes a great catch. sensational catch against the wall. robbing ramirez of the home run. bottom of the fifth. padres lead 2-0. david eckstein, tacking on. that's an rbi. the padres win it 3-0. they're two games out
Sep 10, 2010 4:30am EDT
officially under way after a big night at the superdome. here's steve weissman at espn news. >> good morning. i'm steve weissman with your espn news update. and we begin with the nfl season kicking off in new orleans. vikings/saints. there's drew brees, one of the defending champs. they reveal their banner up high. players from both teams holding one finger in the air in support of the players union. pick it up first quarter, third and two at the minnesota 29. brees, scrambles. it's devery henderson for the touchdown. brees, 27 of 36, for 237 yards. saints on top. second quarter, it's the 20-year veteran. 40-year-old brett favre, getting picked off by jonathan vilma. so, less than 50 seconds to go in the half. favre, unfazed. back to pass. 33 yards to visanthe shiancoe. next play, first and ten at the new orleans 20. it's that man again. favre up top to shiancoe. 20 yards and the touchdown. favre, 15 and 27, 171 yards. vikings lead, 9-7. third quarter, saints down. brees leading the comeback. to marques colston for 14 yards. first and ten, brees, dumpoff to pierre thomas. he'll take
Sep 9, 2010 4:30am EDT
the show. >>> it is time, now, for sports. here's steve weissman at espn news. >> good morning. i'm steve weissman with your espn news update. we begin with the tight race in the n.l. east. phillies starting wednesday in first place for the first time since late may. hosting florida. bottom four, two on for ryan howard. the big fella with his second homer in as many days. 250th of his career. he's not done. 9-0, philly. bottom seven, howard another base hit. shane victorino scores. howard went three for five with six rbis. phils win this one by a final of 10-6. >>> so, can atlanta keep pace? looking to bounce back with a win on wednesday, after losing to the pirates the day before. top three, 4-0, braves. derek lowe, laying down the bunt. daniel mccutcheon fields. throws it away. braves win 9-3. they remain a half-game behind philly in the n.l. east. >>> time to hoop it up. spain taking on serbia. quarterfinals of the fiba world championships. fourth quarter. spain down five. juan carlos navarro. three names, three-points. he led all scorers with 27. 30 to go. spin spain still down
Sep 27, 2010 4:30am EDT
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Sep 1, 2010 4:30am EDT
weissman at espn news. >> good morning. i'm steve weissman with your espn news update. we begin in the a.l. east, where the yankees and rays have been tied atop the division for eight-straight days. yanks hosting the a's. bottom of the first, jorge posada. tenth career triple as a catcher. fifth-most by a yankee since 1925. passes his own skipper, joe girardi. new york up 6-2. two on for mark teixeira. that's gone. three-run shot. his 30th homer of the year. yanks win 9-3, clinching their 18th-straight winning season. >>> so, the rays must win to keep pace. they're hosting toronto. top of the sixth. jeff niemann hits jose batista on the hip. he'll be already. next batter, vernon wells. shot down the left field line. it's a double. two runs will score. blue jays go up 4-3. they keep it going. two on, two out for bautista. and that's his 43rd home run of the year. blue jays win 13-5. so, the rays now trail the yanks by a game in the a.l. east. >>> to the central. manny ramirez, did not start for the white sox. but on-deck in the top of the ninth. tied at 1-1. a.j. pierzynski, 0 for 3 to
Sep 1, 2010 6:00pm PDT
ganó el fútbol >>> daniel se desempeñana como comentarista deportivo en español para el espn >>> parece que problemas entre jonathan dos santos y la federación de fútbol se crecieron >>> esto a partir de que alguien dijo que no es mejor que los que han sido convocados >>> el no es mejor que otros que no han sido convocados, pero reciñn tiene 20 años, para el próximo mundial si será mejor, >>> esperamos hacerlo mejor el sábado >>> creo que uno siempre sale a jugar por su país >>> manny ramirez esperaba su turno este día pero no fue necesario su juego, ya que de todas formas chicago ganó >>> oackland están detrás de leynard, el pasador de arizona, pero hay 3 equipo más que lo quieren, el pasador estará lesionado >>> los dos jugadores entrevistados eran mexicanos? >>> no, ellos son de ecuador y no hablaban de dos santos sino del partido >>> nos vemos >>> sacaron arrugas a la compañía que fabrica botox >>> deberán pagar 600 millones de dólares debido a promover beneficios mñdicos que no han sido comprobados >>> en pocas palabras
Sep 22, 2010 4:00am EDT
team has already arrived at its destination. details, now, from will selva, at espn news. >> good morning. the last two years, the a.l. central wasn't decided until game number 163. this season, that wasn't the case. bottom second, no outs. twins trailing 1-0. jim thome, cracking his 589th career home run. the 9th player with 14-plus seasons with 21-plus homers. bottom of the ninth, game tied at 4-4. two on, two out for denard span. opposite field. danny valencia, come on down. a 44 run eighth for minnesota. for a win and a loss by the white sox in oakland, the a.l. central is minnesota. >>> paul konerko, two outs, top of the ninth. he grounds out meekly to second base. that said, the white sox end up losing 7-2. so, the a.l. central belongs to those twins. which had the champagne at the ready, from target field. they won the a.l. central six times in the last nine years. ron gardenhire gets his 800th win. the quickest to 800 wins as manager since davie johnson. >>> that will do it for this espn news update. now, back to new york and "america this morning." >>> after months of ant
Sep 21, 2010 4:30am EDT
espn news. >> good morning. out west, "monday night football" between the niners and the saints. drew brees and company were all fired up. a 19-14 lead in the fourth quarter. with the niners punting, seven minutes to go. uh-oh. reggie bush, muffing the punt and recovers. he would have to get help off the field. later in the game, niners now down 22-14. second and goal from the 7. frank gore runs it in. niners now down by two. they have to go for two. two-point conversion. alex smith. vernon davis for the two-point conversion is good, after being reviewed. game tied at 22-22. here comes drew brees. 39 seconds to go. second and ten, at the niners' 48. marquis colston to inside the 20. two seconds to go. 37-yard field goal attempt to win it. you betcha. the saints move to 2-0, while the niners fall to 0-2. the niners with four turnovers and a safety. >>> joe torre and don mattingly, returning to yankee stadium to honor george steinbrenner during pregame ceremonies. mattingly will take over as manager of the dodgers next season. they unveil the memorial for the boss. bottom of six, curtis
Sep 6, 2010 4:30am EDT
baseball. plus a wild finish for the first weekend of college football. here's jonathan coachman at espn news. >>> good morning, as we get into september, all of the baseball races are really heating up. as we heat up, padres, they apparently have cooled off. trying to avoid losing ten in a row. ten in a row. top four, blane richards on mound. tulowitzki. 2-0, rockies trying to hang around for the wildcard. bottom six, miguel tejada crushes that one, into the san diego skyline. we're tied at 2-2. his fifth. top of the six, melvin moore, he's going to single to right. carlos gonzalez always seems to be on base. to tulowitzki. that was the difference. rockies win 4-2, eight straight losses for san diego. >>> giants/dodgers, san francisco. they can climb to within a game of the padres. jonathan sanchez. no hits, nine strike outs. saturday, a two-run-home run, on sunday, he hit another two-run home run. giants win 3-0, they're creeping. they're creeping. >>> how about sunday afternoon, conference usa football. mcneal returning to his alma mater. head coach, final play. dominique davis. it's
Sep 14, 2010 4:00am PDT
stadium gets a monday night debut. here's steve weissman with espn news. >> we begin with "monday night football." jets and ravens. there's mark sanchez. second quarter, ravens down six. first and goal. willis mcgahee. baltimore takes a 7-6 lead. jets down 10-9. fourth quarter, 52 seconds on the clock. ray lewis, laying the wood to dustin keller. ravens hang on for a 10-9 victory. >>> meanwhile, the u.s. open men's final delayed by rain. first set, tied at 2-2. rafael nadal, trying to break djokovic. nidal serving for the championship. he has never won the u.s. open before in his career. a victory would clinch the career grand slam, winning all four majors. and he becomes the seventh player ever to accomplish that. nidal, the king in queens. >>> baseball, now. yankees/rays. bottom 11. reed briniak. first career walkoff homer for b brignac. >>> that's a look at your sports with your espn news update. i'm steve weissman. back to you in new york. >>> well, it is the beginning of the end for the daytime "oprah winfrey show." but her biggest fans don't seem to mind. >> that's for sure. echoi
Sep 13, 2010 4:30am EDT
. the pats ended up beating the bengals. >>> good morning, i'll steve weissman with the espn news update. we begin with the first nfl sunday and old rivalry. that's donovan mcnabb taking on the cowboys. first quarter no score. third and seven. mcnabb got the old legs that he used to use in philly. 17-yard gain. coach mike shanahan likes his new quarterback. redskins would settle for a field goal on the drive. four seconds to go. cowboys with the ball, tony romo keeps a sharp choice. he makes the wrong choice. fumbles and that's deangelo hall, the other way for the touchdown. redskins up 10-0 at the half. with 19 seconds on the clock, cowboys still trailing fourth and ten. romo to miles austin. austin with ten catches for 146 yards. first down, dallas. now, three seconds left. last chance for the cowboys. romo eludes the rush. roy williams, wide open, touchdown, dallas. but wait. there's a flag on the play. it's a holding penalty against alex barron. look at that. yeah. clearly a hold. redskins go on to win 13-7, the final. that's your espn news update. i'm steve weissman. back to
Sep 4, 2010 11:30pm EDT
clack down. stay tuned for the ford wrap-up after this game. monday night. 8:00, espn, boise state, virginia tech. either one of these. >> kirk: there's lessons every single week for college football. especially early in the year. for lsu, they learn a valuable lesson. looks like they will with a win. they let off the accelerator. they continue to attack especially offensively. their goal, last year they average 58 snaps a game. one of the worst afters as far as plays a game. tonight they got 55 plays and in the second half, this offense has been awful. and you know what's good about that, you study your film and get ready to go in the next couple weeks to try to improve. >> brent: we look ahead to boise state. it's interesting that the writers h-have valued the broncos, more than the coaches. and we will illustrate that for you. second down. and five. power running out as the third down coming up. let's go show you the coach's poll, because, remember this, it is the coach's poll which factors into the bcs. boise state is not third. they are fifth behind florida and texas. and herb
Sep 23, 2010 4:00am PDT
latest in sports highlights, here, now, is espn news. >> good morning. i'm sara walsh with your espn news update. the battle for supremacy is on, as rivals face off against each other. bobby cox tipping his hats to the fans in philly. final game in the series there. oswalt dominating alex gonzalez. he had eight ks in this one. bottom of the eighth, scoreless. not anymore. raul ibanez lines one deep to left. that's just fair. jayson werth comes home to score. it's 1-0, phillies. brad lidge, pitching in the ninth. one on, two outs. and he gets martin prado to fly out to right to end the game. phillies win it, 1-0. >>> in the bronx, rays and yankees. delayed 2:11 due to heavy rain. bottom of the fifth. yankees down 2-0. lance berkman, deep to right. his first home run as a yankee. his 14th of the year. yankees down 2-1. tampa bay really had ground to gain. they started the evening 2 1/2-games back. and carl crawford helping the race' cause. 16th of the season. rays up 4-2. next batter, evan longoria, a shot to right center, deposited in the bullpen. it's back-to-back home runs for the r
Sep 16, 2010 4:30am EDT
morning. but there's plenty of baseball. there's anish shroff at espn news. >> good morning, first place in the american league east on the line wednesday night. the yankees, a half-game lead on the rays. derek jeter went to first, after he was hit by a pitch. actually hit the bat. jeter admitted so. goes to first anyway. next batter, curtis granderson, his 18th of the year. a two-run shot. the yankees take a 3-2 lead. bottom seven, tampa responds. dan johnson, his second of the game. he drove in all four tampa bay runs. rays up 4-3. ninth inning, alex rodriguez up. he strikes out the tying one. tampa, now first place in the a.l. east, a half-game in front of new york. >>> padres and rockies. san diego looking to sweep colorado. troy tulowitzki opened play with 9 homers and 20 rbis in september. he would just tack on. that was just one. he saved one for later. tulowitzki, two homers. a career-high seven rbis. 11 home runs and 20 rbis in september. only halfway through the month. rockies, 2 1/2 games behind the padres in the n.l. west. >>> joe montana watching the giants take on the
Sep 29, 2010 4:30am EDT
from espn news. >> i'm sara walsh with your espn news update. baseball's playoffs haven't started yet. we can tell you three teams that will be there when they begin. with a win, dusty baker's reds would clinch. reds were down a run. bases loaded. brandon phillips, the chopper to the left side. scott rolen would beat the throw. cabrera scores. game tied 2-2. jay bruce leading off. and jay bruce, with a solo shot to center to win it. the reds win 3-2. they clinch the a.l. central. they're in the postseason for the first time since 1995. >>> joe maddon and the ray, one win away from clinching their own spot in the postseason. carlos pena, a shot to right. his 28th of the season. the rays are up 3-0. so, the champagne is on ice. the rays are ready to pop it open. they need three more outs in the top of the ninth. rafael soriano finishes it off. the race win 5-0. they clinch their playoff berth for the second time in the club's history. >>> and the yankees taking on the blue jays. c.c. sabathia and the yankees, trying to punch their ticket. c.c. sabathia, gets batista zwicking. again.
Sep 6, 2010 3:35am EDT
virginia tech 8:00 eastern time on our sister network espn news. i'll take boise state. my good friend brian murphy's a reporter in idaho covering that scene. i'm hoping he has a good season. >> a lot of people saying they're overrated. >> we'll see, we'll see. >>> finally this half hour, the drama hitting a sour note on "american idol." rob, typically it's the people in front of the judges' desk getting the boot from the show. >> not this time around. the controversy behind the desk this year is leading to a big shakeup. who's in and who's out? here's jeremy hubbard. >> reporter: with season ten auditions already under way, it is down to the wire. can "american idol" find the right new judges to stop a ratings slide? >> this is a wakeup call time for "american idol." the ratings went down approximately 5 million this year. they cannot lose another 5 million next season. it's a perfect time for the judge panel to be shaken up. >> reporter: kara dioguardi's departure had been rumored for weeks. but the search for new judges has been dragging on forever. with everyone from justin
FOX News
Sep 15, 2010 4:00pm EDT
and capital cities, and the little thing which was not little called espn and history channel. >>neil: but espn caught your attention. >>guest: yes i worked at abe, and i saw espn was meaningless. >>neil: but i didn't realize this you could also have scooped up cbs. >>guest: same parking lot. more than twice as expensive and ten times as good at that time. continue times. >>neil: i was thinking of abc because the news chief is stepping down and some say at abc ... >> >>guest: david leaving is not as a result change in the world. he decided to do something different. but the world is changing. you are wearing a watch. your kids prenl are -- probably are not. i say to my kids as they look at their ipod , the things we grew up thinking are part of our body -- newspaper, commodities, sports, information -- are everywhere and the things that are unique are the brands, one of a kind, movies, shows. >>neil: you advised your successor would you say you don't need news? >>guest: no, no, month and i would no tell you if i would tell him that. >>neil: if you were running abc today and you needed
Sep 28, 2010 11:00pm PDT
propietario de las chivas en una entrevista para espn deportes dijo hoy que a los jugadores que no quieran ser convocados deberian de ser castigados de por vida al no convocarlos nunca mas... dijo que ahora los jugadores se quejaran sino les gusta el entrenador... o el balon y que eso no va por ahi... los yankees de nueva york y los rays de tampa bay aseguraron su lugar en la postemporada de las grandes ligas.... mientras que los rojos de cincinnati ganaron el titulo de la division central de la liga nacional... cincinnati vencio por tres a dos a los astros de houston asegurando el banderin de su division.. de esta forma.. son seis los equipos con boleto a los playoffs por el momento... yankees.. rays... reds.. rangers.. twins y phillis.. esa es la informacion deportiva... blanca que se sospechaba... el cantante confirmo que desde hace mas de un aÑo habia terminado su matrimonio con su esposa gaby... aunque no hablo de los motivos, se especula que la infidelidad tuvo que ver... el temerario comento que pese a lo que esta pasando, el siempre amara a su ex esposa y velara por sus hi
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 159 (some duplicates have been removed)